Today I begin my blog.

Oh my gosh, a wave of excitement just rushed through me and I’m taking a moment to notice. More and more I am listening deeply to my body, my emotions, my desires, my passions…the areas I have enthusiasm for – divine inspiration, yes!

I have been in a cocoon stage for a year and a half – deeply reflecting, opening wide my inner doors…some that have never been opened. I have invited in healing (in a variety of ways) to my most needed dark and scary places. I have chosen to stay open as best I could and welcome the abundance of emotions within me…tenderly encouraging the expression of them outwards, all of them.

My deepest desires have been to truly understand what has contributed to my limiting beliefs, my fears, my doubts, my shame, my ‘not enough’, my self-talk/inner critic, some choices I’ve made and from those places, dive in and heal – loving, honoring, transforming and reclaiming the divine woman who is me. Not an easy job and nothing more important to me.

As a bereaved mom myself, I worked for a nonprofit for 4 years that supports families after the loss of a baby in pregnancy or infancy. I ran a support group, I created and facilitated remembrance events, I spoke in public about babies, death and grief – topics that are surely sensitive, some might even call them taboo in our culture. The support group was a safe space for parents to come together, listen, learn, talk about what they were going through and how they were feeling, and begin their healing journey.

Recently I’ve realized that I am again passionate about creating a safe space for me and others to share, learn, and heal around other sensitive/taboo topics in our culture. Some that are alive for me now include: Body shame, youth vs aging, sisterhood, sexual abuse, menopause and sex, pleasure, media’s affect on children and teens about their bodies/sex and the cultural conditioning around all these topics.

At this beginning of 2017, I began a Mastery Program where in addition to online work; I traveled to New York City four times/weekends in six months to work with 450 other women. I set some pretty big intentions as I began, and committed to doing the work. They were:

  1. Heal my wounding around my relationship with other women/sisterhood
  2. Heal my wounding around my relationship with my body
  3. Heal my wounding around my relationship with my self worth

Setting these intentions and diving in with full abandon has been mind-blowing for me. I’ve had great resources, support, teachers/mentors, and ultimately, I had to work it and work it hard. I had already been in the cocoon doing deep work/healing for the previous year and this elevated my growth and healing exponentially!

What I learned is that my intentions are all connected for me, profound. I wonder how many other women relate to some or all of my 3 intentions. Being such deep topics, I will explore them in upcoming posts.

I am deeply grateful for having this venue to share from my heart, invite and create a community, to continue learning, healing and growing.

From my heart,