About Me:

In 1993 my baby daughter Leilani died and I began my healing and growth journey. Since that time I’ve had many more opportunities to grow and heal and I’ve continued to choose the very often-hard path of healing. Writing has offered me a way to uncover, discover and express myself along the way.

In 2017, I had the opportunity over a number of months to be part of a large gathering of women in a safe environment. I took advantage of this opportunity and stretched myself as vulnerably as I’ve ever done to work on my core wounding and more healing – much of it through my shared writing. I received feedback from many women saying how meaningful, supportive and encouraging my words were to them as they proceeded or even contemplated their own healing path. I was and I am touched knowing that by sharing my own experiences I have contributed in whatever small way to another’s life.

This experience inspired me to start writing in a more public way. A blog is the strategy I chose for me to keep writing, for my continued growth and healing, for others to read, possibly learn, be curious, look within, contemplate and maybe even be inspired to take that next step on their journey.

I also decided to create a business facebook page specifically for those who resonate more deeply with me and want to be part of a community. This will be a place where we can explore, look deeply, share vulnerably, be supported with kindness and offer the same. I hold deeply to kindness, compassion and understanding of different choices and I have strong boundaries to create safety and welcome (though our opinions may differ) on this page. The address is https://www.facebook.com/onehealingjourney/

A little more about me – some of which is current and some past includes being a: Wife, Mom, Stepmom, Nana, Relationship Coach and Teacher, Certified Trainer with The Center of Nonviolent Communication, Grief Support Mentor and Group Facilitator, Certified Fitness Instructor, and Co-founder/Co-owner of a multi-million dollar family business in Hawaii.

Thank you so much for visiting, I am glad you are here.